Friday, March 29, 2013

Where Does All of Vientiane's Garbage Go?

This is just an odd curiosity on my part but I wanted to know where all that garbage in Vientiane goes.  Curious too?  Read on (pictures follow).

In Laos, a lot of people either dump or burn their own garbage all on their own property or also throw garbage into the river (which of course is admittedly not a good thing to do).  However larger homes, businesses and government tend to pay to have their garbage taken away.

My findings:  Indeed it is sent off to the Vientiane waste landfill at KM 32 in ban Naphasouk - that started in 2007.  Prior to that, in 1988 a landfill at ban Pokham in Xaythany district at KM 18 was created with a grant from the Japanese government.

More recently JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) in June 2012 donated heavy machinery including dump trucks and excavators to Vientiane capital, and to the provinces of Luangprabang and Xayabouri.  The aim of this was for the equipment to be used for improving waste collection and better efficiency at dump sites.

So if you've ever wondered what the garbage landfill looks like?  Here's a look!

(Photo Credit:  Picasaweb user Souly QuachAngkham of SEDA, a Lao NGO, 2009)

(Photo Credit:  Panaromio user Civilenglao, 2010)

* Notes:  SEDA = Social Economic Development in Agribusiness.  A homegrown Lao charity focused on alleviating poverty and increasing economic development in Laos.  It is headed by its creator Ms. Souly Quachankham.  To learn more about them check out the links:

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