Sunday, May 14, 2017

Ultimate Dreamlife Competition: Hear from Isabel herself

No this isn't a scam, nor is it click bait.  It's a real contest being conducted by the Canadian owner of L'Etranger Books and Tea and Kop Noi Gallery in Luangrabang, Isabel Dréan.

She's chosen to depart from her company of 16 years in a creative competition open to contestants all over the world.

The prizes are awesome!  The winner will receive:
  • 100% Foreign business license and ownership of 2 businesses (L'Etranger Books and Tea and Kop Noi Gallery)
  • $10,000USD
  • Motorbike
  • Foreign investor resident visa
  • Up to 3 months assistance from the current owner after the new owner takes over
  • Rent/lease costs for 1 year on the 3 buildings (first house is the retail location, second house is where you will live, and third house is currently being used as the office)
  • 10 experienced existing staff
To find out more directly from Isabel, click the link here.

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