January 13, 2023

Khmu New Year celebrations in Luangprabang

Video Credit: NatNomad on Youtube

The Khmu ethnic minority group in Laos are considered one of the original or oldest in the country.  Along with the Hmong, they too celebrate their New Year in mid-December.  Here's a look at their recent celebrations last month, by Youtuber NatNomad.

January 12, 2023

Hmong New Year Celebrations in Vientiane

Video Credit: Padupdin on Youtube

Follow along with Youtuber Padupdin as he explores how Hmong New Year was celebrated in Vientiane this past December.

Largest Hmong New Year Celebration in Laos

Video Credit:  Now in Lao on Youtube

This year, Youtuber Now in Lao visits Phonsavan, Xiengkhouang to attend the largest Hmong New Year celebration in Laos in December.