March 29, 2013

Where Does All of Vientiane's Garbage Go?

This is just an odd curiosity on my part but I wanted to know where all that garbage in Vientiane goes.  Curious too?  Read on (pictures follow).

March 28, 2013

Lao Artist Profile: Sivilay Souvannasing

Today we're featuring the following stunningly creative paintings from another talented Lao painter, Mr. Sivilay Souvannasi, 31.  Below are just a couple of random selections of his works.

Painting by Lao artist/painter Sivilay Souvannasing - Cultural Life

March 25, 2013

LLR (book): Historical Dictionary of Laos

Title:  Historical Dictionary of Laos
By:  Martin Stuart-Fox
Publisher/Year:  Scarecrow Press, 1992, 2001, 2008
ISBN:  9780810856240
Price:  $40-100+ USD
Lao book review - Historical Dictionary of Laos by Martin Stuart-Fox

March 22, 2013

Exploring Caves in Laos

Laos is endowed with many caves and mountains.  If you have any interest in cave exploring, Laos would definitely be worth visiting.

 Photo Credit:  National Geographic, 2008.  Xe Bang Fai River cave exploration.

March 20, 2013

In a Typographic Daze

Want to be able to type or read Lao on your computer?  Try downloading and installing the varying Lao fonts that are available for free online. 

At over the years, we've tried to find every possible Lao font out there.  However the list of websites has varied over time and the list is shrinking but the designs continue to be quite innovative and creative.  Check out our list.

March 18, 2013

Lao Artist Profile: Sompaseuth Chounlamany

Today we're featuring the following wonderful paintings from a talented young, Lao-American, Virginia based artist, Mr. Sompaseuth Chounlamany, 22.  Below is our random selections of his works.

Lao painting - The Royal Procession painted by Sompaseuth Chounlamany

March 15, 2013

LLR (book): National Characteristics of Culture

Title:  ​ລັກ​ສະ​ນະ​ຊາດ ​ຂອງ ​ວັດ​ທະ​ນະ​ທຳ / luksana sat kong vutanatum / National Characteristics of Culture
By:  ບົວບານ ວໍລະຂຸນ / Buaban Vawlakoon
Publisher/Year:  National Printing Press (peem tee hong peem haeng sat), 1998

March 11, 2013

Whiff of Padek 'n I'm Salivating! ໄດ້ກິ່ນປາແດກແລະຂອຍນ້ຳລາຍເຫີຍ

You can't tell me that bucket of rotting fish doesn't look deelish to you!? :)  It's padek!  A Lao sauce made from fermented fish.  And yes it's delicious! (Pics and videos below).

March 08, 2013

Laos in 3D!

Trimble's Sketchup (now owned by Google) is a software for viewing and creating 3D architectural drawings.  It's free to download.  What's more impressive is there are some users who have uploaded their Lao related work on to what they call their 3D Warehouse.

Have you ever seen the Pha That Luang or a Lao house in 3D?  Check it out!

Lao Houses by John

March 06, 2013

LLR (bk): Wildlife in Lao PDR - 1999 Status Report

Title:  Wildlife in Lao PDR:  1999 Status Report
Compiled By:  J.W. Duckworth, R.E. Salter, K. Khounboline, et al.
Publisher/Year:  IUCN, 1993, 2000
ISBN:  2831704839
Price:  FREE
Lao book review of Wildlife in Lao PDR 1999 Status Report by Duckworth, Salter, Khounboline, et al.

March 02, 2013

Hire Eugene & Kulap for Hawaii Five-O (video)

Hilarious video by these two (Eugene Cordero and Kulap Vilaysack).  Ms. Kuku is a Lao-American actor, writer and comedian.  This is their audition video for their obvious incredible desire to get on the Hawaii Five-O television show.  Very funny!  Go vote for them on