December 24, 2016

Boun Lai Heua Fai (Festival of Light Boats) 2016

This festival is celebrated throughout Laos however the city of Luangprabang has taken it to a new level.  Have a look.

Video Credit:  Luangprabang Tourism

December 20, 2016

Into the dark: exploring Laos’ cave tourism industry

By: Jennifer Meszaros, Focus ASEAN, December 12, 2016
Photography by:  Gabriele Stoia

Photo Credit:  Gabriele Stoia

Home to some of the most complex rock formations in Southeast Asia, Laos looks to cash in on cave tourism.

December 19, 2016

Lao Christmas Tree

Combining Lao culture and Christmas can result in both hilarious and creative outcomes. Not sure who did this but it's awesome!

Lao inspired Christmas Tree
Photo Credit:  Unknown

December 16, 2016

What's in the Market?

Title:  ມີຫຍັງແດ່ຢູ່ໃນຕະຫຼາດ / What's in the Market? A Visitor's Guide to Lao Tastes, Culture, and Daily Life
By:  ສອນສຸລິລັດ ວົງສຸລິນ / Sonesulilat Vongsouline
Publisher / Year: Big Brother Mouse, 2010
Book Sponsor:  Deborah Edwards and Friends

December 10, 2016

Lao-Chinese Diplomatic Relations by Spectrum Asia

In 2016, Laos and China celebrated 55 years of diplomatic relations.  As part of the commemoration, China's CCTV show called Spectrum Asia profiled Laos.  It's a series that profiles all of Asia and in particular China's neighbours.  There were 4 recent episodes entitled Time as Witness that focused on Laos specifically.

The early part of this diplomatic relationship is a part of Lao-Chinese history that likely many people may not know about.  It's quite interesting.  In particular about the almost 1000 Lao students and teachers who were sent to Nanning, China to study there in the 1960s.

December 08, 2016

A Time Traveling Drama

Entitled The River Flow, here's another Lao based movie that recently screened at the Luangprabang Film Festival about a time traveling young girl.  A film from director Makoto Kumazawa.  In Lao with English subtitles.

 Video Credit:  Lao New Wave Cinema

December 07, 2016

Sticky rice for all

And we thought sticky rice was mostly a Lao thing... ;-)

Video Credit: BGZTV (via Facebook)

Vientiane in Hi-Def 4K

Beautifully shot video that could easily be mistaken for a tourism ad for Vientiane.  It's an awesome video from Nate.

Video Credit:  Nathan Bartling (My Mate Nate via Youtube)

December 06, 2016

Visit Laos!

Have you never visited Laos before? Start making plans and add it to your travel bucket list for 2017 today!

Laos scenic directional sign

Cambodia to Open Ports to Laos Exports

By:  Hang Sokunthea and Aisha Down, Cambodia Daily, November 28, 2016

Cambodia will soon open both its roads and ports for Laos to use in exporting goods abroad, according to an announcement posted on Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Facebook page on Sunday.

The announcement followed a meeting between Mr. Hun Sen and Laotian President Pany Yathotou in Phnom Penh on Saturday, during which the two discussed strengthening ties.

Complete List of Banks in Laos

For a small country, Laos has seen its banking and financial sector grow quickly and steadily as the economy too has grown.  Some might be surprised to see this complete list of banks operating in Laos.  There are probably several you may have never heard of.  Here's the complete list of banks in Laos.

State-Owned Commercial Banks
  • Agricultural Promotion Bank
  • Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao
  • Lao Development Bank

December 05, 2016

Louis Loves Baitong

One of the movies screening at this year's Luangprabang Film Festival is this one called Louis Loves Baitong by director Thavisack Thammavongsa.  It's a Lao romantic comedy coupled with a bit of drama.  (Lao with English subtitles)

December 02, 2016

As Laos' First Female Filmmaker, Mattie Do Shows What's 'Behind the Doors'

By:  Audrey Cleo Yap, NBC News (USA), November 18, 2016

Mattie Do never intended on becoming Laos's first female filmmaker.

In 2010, the former cosmetologist and ballet school director moved to the country's capital of Vientiane to care for her widower father. Her screenwriter husband, Christopher Larsen, wanted to get involved in the local film scene and asked Do to mediate cultural and language barriers at a meeting with the heads of Lao Art Media, one of few production companies in the country at the time.

Xayaboury girl wins Miss Laos 2016 pageant competition

Orginal Article Title:  Xayaboury girl takes out Miss Laos 2016
By:  Visith Teppalath, Vientiane Times, October 10, 2016

Ms Boutsaba Saengpan (centre) is flanked by other finalists after winning the contest.