April 30, 2012

LLR (book): Kingdom of Laos

Title:  Kingdom of Laos - The Land of the Million Elephants and the White Parasol / ​ສັມ​ພາດ ​ຮາ​ຊອາ​ນາ​ຈັກ​ລາວ / Sumpat hasao anachuklao
Edited by:  René de Berval
Publisher/Year:  France-Asie, 1959
Lao literature reviews (books) - Kingdom of Laos edited by Rene de Berval

LLR (book): Taking Refuge - Lao Buddhists in North America

Title:  Taking Refuge - Lao Buddhists in North America
By:  P Van Esterik
Publisher/Year:  Arizona State University, 1992
ISBN:  1881044041

April 27, 2012

LLR (book): Lao Flora - Lao Plant Names

Title:  Lao Flora - Checklist of Lao Plants Names
By:  M Callaghan (2004), updated and republished in 2008 by L Intakoun and C Delang
Publisher/Year: Lulu Press, 2008, 2011
Cost:  Free (or can buy)
Lao literature review (book) - Lao Flora - Checklist of Lao Plant Names

Old Lao Manuscripts Modernized, Digitized, and Accessorized

Lao Palm Leaf Manuscripts - digitized and online!  Isn't it ironic that the oldest documents in Laos are now modernized and digitally accessible when many modern Lao literature still is not?

Examples of different scripts used in Lao palm leaf manuscripts

April 26, 2012

Lao Language: Market Phrases (extra)

There's an interesting expression or phrase you may hear while shopping out in the markets in Laos, whether in Vientiane, Savannakhet or wherever in Laos.  The expression roughly translates into "help me out by buying from me."

Lao Language: Market Phrases

Here are some words and phrases to help you on your way while shopping in the markets of Laos.  Written in both Lao, English and phonetic English sounds.

April 25, 2012

Lao Language: Numbers

Numbers reference for you.  Written in Lao, English and phonetic English sounds.  To make the phonetic English sounds easier to read I've separated the syllable or compound words for you.  However be sure to read it with an unbroken flow (no breaks).

Lao Language Basics: Basic Phrases

Here are some basic Lao phrases written in English, Lao and phonetic English sounds.  In the phonetic sounds, I've spaced out the syllables and words within the phrase.  However, when you read or say it, be sure to do it with flow and no breaks as though it were one word.

April 18, 2012

Nee's Zingy Papaya Salad Recipe - Dtum mak houng

Papaya Salad (dtum mak houng) is one of the most popular Lao dishes.  It makes for a nice light and healthy meal with some sticky rice or a nice side dish. It's an incredibly versatile recipe that can be changed up in any way you like.

Lao food - papaya salad - dtum mak houng

Mom's Fried Spring Roll Recipe - Cheun Yaw

My mom has perfected Lao fried spring rolls (cheun yaw) with the perfect flavor.  Often people make spring rolls that are only good with dipping sauce.  Her's are good even without it.
Lao recipe - spring rolls - cheun yaw

More Background on Us

Laoconnection.com originally began in August 1998.  It was a big site that included all facets of Lao culture, people and issues.  It included original in-house created graphics, language resources, translation, popular and insightful advice column, information on art, Lao PDR, economic details, and so much more.

April 17, 2012

LLR (Book): The Gift of Freedom: How Ottawa Welcomed the Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian Refugees

Title:  Gift of Freedom:  How Ottawa Welcomed the Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian Refugees
By:  Brian Buckley
ISBN:  9781897113912
Publisher/Year:  General Store Publishing, 2008
Lao book - gift of freedom

LLR (Book): Southeast Asian Exodus: From Tradition to Resettlement - Understanding Refugees from Laos, Kampuchea, and Vietnam in Canada

Title:  Southeast Asian Exodus: From Tradition to Resettlement - Understanding Refugees from Laos, Kampuchea, and Vietnam in Canada
Edited by:  Elliott L. Tepper
Publisher/Year:  Canadian Asian Studies Association, 1980
ISBN:   0920296084
Lao book - Southeast Asian Exodus:  From Tradition to Resettlement - Understanding Refugees From Laos, Kampuchea, and Vietnam in Canada Edited by Elliott Tepper

LLR (Book): Rice in Laos

Title:  Rice in Laos
Edited by:  JM Schiller, MB Chanpengxay, B Linqvist, S Appa Rao
Publisher/Year: International Rice Research Institute, 2006
ISBN:  9789712202117
Link:  Click here
Cost:  Free!
Lao book - rice in laos

April 16, 2012

Lao Language Posters from Laos

Here are 3 Lao language posters that are sold in Laos.  Shown below in their varying styles over the years.

Lao Language Basics: Vowels

Lao vowels (sala) are placed into 3 groups, short, long and special.  Below they're shown with their English equivalents.

Lao Language Basics: Consonants

Lao consonants (payungsana) are placed into 3 groups according to their sound of high, medium and low.  Therefore some consonants may have multiple spellings.  Below they are shown with their English equivalents in the standard Lao order.

April 15, 2012

Lao New Year To-Do Checklist

No doubt Lao New Year is a busy but fun time.  However, your Lao New Year isn't fully complete if you haven't completed all (or some) of the following.  Check to see how many items you've completed.

Lao New Year Background

The Lao New Year is one of the most important special events for Lao people.  Here's some background on what it is and why we have it:
Happy Lao New Year 2555! Sabaidee Bpee My Lao 2555!

April 14, 2012

Happy Lao New Year 2555!

Happy Lao New Year 2555!
Sabaidee Bpee My!  Happy Lao New Year 2555!  This new year our website is being reborn into a new blog site.  With that in mind, let this new year be your year to change things up in a positive way in your own life.  Let this be a year of new and positive beginnings for you.  From us at Laoconnection.com we want to wish you a great New Year!

Category Background: Lao Entertainment and News

Another category that'll be included is general entertainment and news - as it relates to Lao.  Essentially, items that might not fit in the other categories but are nonetheless entertaining and insightful will be posted here.

Category Background: Lao Literature Reviews

We love reading anything on Laos, Lao culture, issues and community.  Additionally, in a broader sense of interest, we'll also cover literature on Asia or Buddhism.  Reviews will include books, magazines, articles, journals, websites, research papers, etc.  We'll also include our humble opinions and critiques as well.

Category Background: Lao Food

Do you enjoy Lao cuisine?  We do!  We love Lao food and hope you do as well.  One of the other areas of interest that'll be covered is Lao food where we'll be sharing recipes, info and links.

Category Background: Lao Language

One of the areas of interest that'll be covered is Lao language.  It'll be an opportunity for those new to the language to learn Lao and a refresher for those who are already familiar with it. Lao/Laotian consonants, vowels, words, and expressions in text, sounds, images and video.

Laoconnection.com Re-Launches with New Blog Format

Lao New Year 2555 (April 2012) - Sabaidee!  We have completely renovated the Laoconnection.com website.  We've completely done away with the old website and have changed over to a new blog format.  We hope you like it.  As always our aim is to provide an informative and insightful site for all things related to Lao culture.  With this new change we will be focusing on key areas of interest including Lao language, Lao Food, Lao Literature Reviews and Lao Entertainment & News.