September 29, 2015

The Luangprabang Marathon 2015 - Registration is Open!

Race Date:  October 18 2015

This marathon is a great opportunity to meet other runners, a chance to see the beautiful city and support local charities all in one activity!

Luangprabang Marathon race picture
Photo Credit:  Luangprabang Marathon

September 23, 2015

Lots of Shows on LaoStar Youtube Channel

Want to watch modern Lao tv shows?  Take a look at LaoStar Channel's Youtube page.  Their television shows span the entire gambit of topics.  Luckily, Laostar has shared much of them online on their Youtube channel.  Take a look.

LaoStar Channel logo image

  • ເອັນໂຊນ Entertainment Zone - about all things entertainment, fun and celebrities.
  • ມຶວສິກບູມ Music Boom - a show about the Lao music industry, artists and musicians.
  • ເອັກເຊີຊາຍວາໄລຕີ້ Exercise Variety - an exercise and sports show.
  • ເມນູທູເດ Menu Today - a show that visits different Lao restaurants.
  • ແມ່ນແລ້ວ Maen Laew - a quiz show.
  • ທີ່ນີ້ເມືອງລາວ Teenee Muang Lao - a travel show with a primary focus on important cultural sites.
  • ທຳກິນຢູ່ຖິ່ນລາວ Tumkin Yu Teenlao - an agricultural and farming show that visits different farms to show viewers where their food comes from.
  • ຜູ້ຍິງລາວຍຸກໃໝ່ Women Today - a show focused on women's topics.
  • ພັນເລື່ອງເມືອງລາວ Pan Leuang Muang Laos - a show focusing on cultural and ethnic handicrafts created by local artisans.
  • ລາວທ່ຽວລາວ Lao Travel Lao - a fun travel show that visits different tourist sites and hotels.
  • ຄົ້ນຫາພາທ່ຽວ Travel Finding - another fun travel show.
  • Lao Today Variety - a variety show covering topics from sports to culture.
  • ເຮືອນລາວຍຸກໃຫມ່ Lao Modern Home - a show about houses, home design and landscaping.

September 17, 2015

Music for Everyone

Music for Everyone (MES) is aptly named as its mission is to be able to give free music lessons and allow free use of instruments to its students.  It's based in the city of Luangprabang and is a locally run non-profit organization (NGO).  Registration was due recently for students wanting to join.

Have a look below and consider sending them some support, if you're interested in helping these talented young musicians.

A Drone Aerial Photo of a Glowing Tat Luang

A Drone Aerial Photo of a Glowing Tat Luang
Photo Credit:  Jettana Viengsaly

September 16, 2015

Old Abandoned Temple in Sam Neua

Photo Credit:  Kay Intarasapa, shown on Glory of Laos (on Facebook).

Aerial Drone Photo of Tat Luang

Photo Credit:  Drone by Jettana (on Facebook).

EFEO Posts Entire Historical Photo Library Online

Take a trip through time and visit the past!  EFEO (l'École française d'Extrême-Orient) has done it again with an incredible sharing and posting of information online.  This time with their database of historical photographs dating back to the early 1900s.  Many are Lao related while others are relevant to the Khmer or Vietnamese.  Here are some samples.

Photo Credit:  EFEO, 1930

September 15, 2015

Beautiful Pa Suam Waterfall, Champassak, Laos

 Photo Credit:  Naresorn Nunthasuttiwaree shown on LaosPictures.

Fifth Lao Studies Conference 2016 - Call For Papers Deadline

The Fifth International Conference on Lao Studies 2016

Although the deadline for the registration for attending isn't until April 30, 2016, the deadline for the call for papers and to submit your abstract is coming up soon - October 31, 2015.

September 14, 2015

Lone Buffalo Foundation

Lone Buffalo is a non-profit, non-government organization, whose charity is registered in the UK.

They offer free English language courses to Lao students in Phonsavan, Laos. Though it is not just about academics. At Lone Buffalo they want to promote free and creative thinking, sports and film making, among other things. They've garnered a lot of support and press for all the work that they've done.

On Safer Ground

A beautiful and touching documentary from Directors Stuart Ryan and Hedley Dindoyal.  It follows a young team of football playing teenagers as they traveled from Laos to compete at the Gothia Youth World Cup 2010 in Sweden. Among others, it also profiles Manophet, Gareth Carter and the non-profit organization in Phonsavan, Laos, called Lone Buffalo.

This film documents their journey on and off the pitch as they win over hearts and minds and also how they deal with being the first Lao football team ever to compete outside of Asia.

It's a movie that's filled with love and support, high hopes, fun, success, along with a poignant and sad tragedy that hits the team.  Watch the trailer (English with Lao subtitles).

September 07, 2015

The Game Plan - Laos' Judo Hope

Lao sports profile on athlete Souphaxay Sitthisane who completes in judo.

Video Credit:  Channel NewsAsia

The Game Plan - Laos' Taekwondo Hope

Lao sports profile on athlete Sonexay Mangkei who completes in taekwondo.

Video Credit:  Channel NewsAsia

September 04, 2015

Book Review: Eternal Harvest - The Legacy of American Bombs in Laos

Title:  Eternal Harvest - The Legacy of American Bombs in Laos
by:  Karen J. Coates
Photos by:  Jerry Redfern
Publisher/Year:  ThingsAsian Press, 2013
ISBN:  9781934159491
Price:  $12.95USD

Book cover of Eternal Harvest - The Legacy of American Bombs in Laos by Karen J. Coates

This book is a wonderful tribute to those who have been affected by bombs and the remaining unexploded ordinance (UXO) in Laos.  It provides background info on how the situation came to be and how it continues to be.  I also like that it provides historical context, the profiles of everyday people who are affected, and a plethora of evocative and visceral black and white photos throughout.

September 01, 2015

Random Awesome Image: Vat Ong Teu Candlelit Procession

Long exposure of a low lit scene at Vat Ong Teu, Vientiane,   during the candlelit procession around the temple.  Photo Credit:  Phoonsab Thevongsa
Long exposure of a low lit scene at Vat Ong Teu, Vientiane, 
during the candlelit procession around the temple.
Photo Credit:  Phoonsab Thevongsa