September 30, 2013

Green Paradise - Laos - Along the Mekong

Wonderful documentary travel film on Laos!  It's from 2008.  The first part of the documentary takes you into Bokeo and the Gibbon Experience.  You get to see the treehouses, ziplining and the creator of that tour.  Breathtaking images from the jungle canopy.  (Both video parts shown below.)

September 25, 2013

Laos au Rythme du Mekong

Film documentaire en français sur le Laos s'appelle Laos au Rythme du Mekong.  Documentary film in French on Laos called Laos to the rhythm of the Mekong.  Well made and beautiful video that aired on t.v.  For those who don't understand French, I think you'll still enjoy watching it.

September 23, 2013

Care More About Lao Culture Than Your Lao Partner?

In a previous post entitled Lao Dating 101, I wrote about how to woo your Lao partner and what you needed to understand in dating someone who's Lao.  It was more about educating a non-Lao person in our ways.  But what if you have a situation where your Lao partner doesn't care about their heritage and has very little knowledge of their cultural background?  What do you do when you're more into Lao culture, customs and food, than even your Lao partner?

September 19, 2013

The Rocket

Like its title, this movie is certainly soaring like a rocket by winning awards, garnering positive critical reviews, and more recently this past week as reported by many news outlets, Australia has submitted this film to the Oscars (for the 86th Academy Awards!) in the category of Best Foreign Film.

It's a Lao language movie by Australian director/writer Kim Mordaunt about a young boy born a twin from the ethnic minority group in Laos called the Akha.  The Akha have a belief that twins are a sign of bad luck.  Born into an unfortunate situation in a village unaccepting of him, the movie follows his life, his struggles, sorrow and more importantly his adventure, coming of age and redemption (not to mention, there's also a Lao James Brown! 555 :-).  Watch the official trailer.

September 12, 2013

Lao Fashion Designer: Nithaya Somsanith - Spring 2013

Clothing designed by Laos' homegrown fashion talent, designer Nithaya Somsanith.  Have a look at this Lao fashion show video from March 6 2013. 

 Credit:  Youtube user Thomas Wanhoff

September 10, 2013

New State Publishing and Book Distribution House Opens

As self-declared bookworms, we adore the bookstores in Laos.  And so we're thrilled to see the State Publishing and Book Distribution House (aka State Bookstore) open its new building at its new location this past spring (2013) in Ban Xieng Ngeun.  Here's the video as reported by LNTV.

 Credit:  Uploaded by Youtube user Souphaksone Silaphet

September 06, 2013

Vientiane At Night

When the sun goes down, Vientiane still has plenty for you to see and browse.  Very nicely made video.  Have a look.

September 02, 2013

Miss Laos 2013 Open Call for Contestants

It's back!  The popular Miss Laos competition is set to have their open call for new contestants.  As reported by Lao newspaper KPL, the Miss Lao 2013 pageant is open for applicants.  However there are strict rules and requirements for entry.  For example, the Lao female applicant must be at least 5'5", between the ages of 18 and 26.  They also make it a point to say that she must also be confident with a great personality (what beauty pageant queen wouldn't have such things right?).