May 06, 2012

Lao Celebration: Visaka Busa

wat phu - vat pu - Buddhas - visaka busa
Visaka busa (Visakha puja) is a celebration of the Buddha's life but in particular it marks his birthday (vun gert), enlightenment (vun balee neepan) and physical death (vun dty).  A very important celebration in the Buddhist calendar, it's celebrated in Laos during the first full moon in May (which is the 6th month of the lunar calendar).

People go to temple, listen to the monks chant (taet) and discuss about the background and story of the Buddha's life.  There's also a procession around the main temple (sim).

(Caption:  Image above is taken from the old ruins of Vat Pu / Wat Phu in Champassak, Laos.)

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