June 25, 2012

LLR (books): Economic/Business Books in Lao

Title:  Dictionary of Economic Terms English-Lao, Lao-English with German and French Translations / suptanugom saetasat - ungeet, yaelamun, falung, lao
Compiled and Co-Published by:  Lao-German Economic Training and Advisory Project (1999) with National Organisation for the Studies of Policy and Administration, National School of Administration and Management

Title:  Economic Glossary / suptanugom saetasat ungeet - lao
Compiled by:  Souvanpheng Phammasane
Publisher/Year:  Dokked Publishing Co. Ltd., 2002

Title:  Introduction to Economy / naenum geeowgup saetakeet
By:  Chit Thavisay
Publisher/Year:  Sengsavanh College, early 2000s(?)

These 3 books came in handy while I was in Laos and was attempting to explain business terms in Lao.  Admittedly there are times when my spoken Lao is a bit rusty especially with more technical words.  Therefore these kinds of books definitely come in handy.  I bought all 3 in Laos back in 2004.  There are still some copies floating around.  Unfortunately they may be a bit more difficult to find outside of Laos.  I often saw these being used by college business students in Vientiane.

Important to mention that these 3 books on Lao economics and business come with translations and are nicely detailed in what they cover.  If you have a need to understand economic, business or financial terminology and words either from the Lao or English perspective, then I highly recommend these 3 books.

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