March 20, 2013

In a Typographic Daze

Want to be able to type or read Lao on your computer?  Try downloading and installing the varying Lao fonts that are available for free online. 

At over the years, we've tried to find every possible Lao font out there.  However the list of websites has varied over time and the list is shrinking but the designs continue to be quite innovative and creative.  Check out our list.

Here's the current list of Lao font sources online:
- Has really nice original fonts and can be easily downloaded for free
- formerly
- Has really nice original fonts and can be easily downloaded for free while some may require special access
- Has the standard typing fonts, both old and new, available for free download
- Also has downloadable software that assist with word processing
- Owned by Tavultesoft
- Fonts available on this site are modifications of existing available fonts
- They are nice fonts and can be easily downloaded for free
- Has downloadable word processing programs for Lao and tum/tham

Alternatively, if you have a situation where you want to type Lao online but for whatever reason are unable to install proper fonts or software to help you with it, try using this:
- The program is called Keyman and this link will bring you to its free online version
- Used for when you want to type Lao but don't have the fonts or software installed.
- Called "Lao 2008 Basic - Lao - KeymanWeb Virtual Online Keyboard"
- Owned by Tavultesoft
- Very handy to have!  You can also purchase the deskstop version of this software.

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