July 21, 2014

Lao Census 2015

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Laos is slated to perform its national population and housing census in March 2015.  Previous official censuses have been completed in 2005, 1995, and 1985.

The total cost is expected to be $7.2M with the government contributing $2.4M.  However, as reported in the Vientiane times, March 27 2014, there was a 45% funding gap.  The Lao government sent out a an appeal asking that both the donor community and private industry to assist by giving funds.  Financial support so far includes the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), World Bank (WB) and Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC).

Comparison - A look at its neighbors...

While there may be different kinds of censuses conducted by each country, the information noted here below refers only to the general population related census and not for example specific agricultural or economic censuses.

Burma - 2014 - $58.5M USD
Vietnam - 2009 - $33M USD
Thailand - 2010 - 900M Baht (approx $27M USD)
Cambodia - 2008 - $6.02M USD

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