June 11, 2017

Waterfalls in Laos You've Never Heard of - Part 1 ນ້ຳຕົກຢູ່ລາວທີ່ທ່ານບາງທີຍັງບໍ່ທັນເຫັນ

Tat Ta Jet Waterfall Champassak Laos
Tat Ta Jet Waterfall

While some of the more famous waterfalls in Laos tend to be in Luangprabang, there are some famous ones in the southern parts of Laos as well, like Tat Fan Waterfall.   However, today we'll be sharing some lesser known ones and they're as equally stunning as their more famous counterparts.  These are located in the province of Champassak in the Bolaven Plateau area of the country.

Tat Yuang Waterfall Champassak Laos
Tat Yuang Waterfall

Tat Huay Ping Waterfall Champassak Laos
Tat Huay Ping Waterfall

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