June 27, 2018

Buddha tablet

Buddha tablet
Found at Vat Xieng Tong in Luangprabang.

These Buddha tablets are not seen much in modern times but while in Luangprabang you'll see it at Vat Xieng Tong and antique shops.

In Lao they're called paen pa boht ​ແພ່ນ​ຜຣະ​ບົດ.  They would be commissioned and paid for by Buddhist lay-followers when they were sick or not well and then placed at the temple in hopes that it would yield good health and long life.

It was tradition to place the same number of of Buddha statues as the age of the person who was commissioning the tablet plus one additional Buddha statue to represent the future year.

Buddha tablet
 Found at an antique shop in Luangprabang.

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