March 10, 2019

Damaged Beauty

Damaged Lao Buddha statue
Lao  Buddha statues (above) and an old mandala mural painting on the wall of a temple (below).

Damaged manadala mural painting at a Lao temple

In Laos, you'll find various places and items in different stages of decay or that have been damaged over time.  Some people might find these things to be unsightly or a sign of neglect.  However, others might find them rustic and beautiful.

Each item tells its own story.  The marks of degradation, the damaged inflicted by events and the weather all help to tell its story.  The challenge is finding out what the story is.  Often times, you'll find that the story provides historical context and insight that you perhaps would have not expected.

So if you travel in Laos and come across such items - endeavor to ask questions and learn its story.  As for these 2 pictures, I'll leave you to consider the events that shaped them.

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