April 20, 2020

An Introduction to the Edible, Poisonous and Medicinal Fungi of Northern Laos

Title:  ນຳສະເໜີເຖິງ ເຫັດທີ່ກິນໄດ້, ເປັນພິດ ແລະ ເປັນຢາ ໃນພາກເໜືອ ສປປ ລາວ / An Introduction to the Edible, Poisonous and Medicinal Fungi of Northern Laos
By:  Thomas Læssøe, Ole Sparre Pedersen and Phongeun Sysouphanthong
Year: 2018
Cost:  FREE
An Introduction to the Edible, Poisonous and Medicinal Fungi of Northern Laos

If you've ever wanted to know about the fascinating world of fungi as it relates to Laos, this is your book. For a lot of you out there, your introduction to Lao fungi would like be the mushrooms used in Lao food. You'd likely hear the Lao name but not know the translation. This book provides the Latin scientific names, Lao names and common English names.

Lao people love mushrooms mostly for culinary purposes and more recently for medicinal purposes. Nowadays, you also have find small scale mushroom farmers and producers in Laos growing mushrooms using substrate in plastic bags with mycelium culture inside it. But more often then not, most mushrooms are still collected from the forest and jungle and then carried to market by women. As such, most people buy their mushrooms at the market, however there are still those that forage for them. They know when they spring and where to go pick them. The important part of course was knowing what was poisonous and what wasn't. I'm happy to report that this book also shares that information as well.

This book is available in hardcover for purchase in bookstores in Laos and parts of Thailand. It is also generously available for FREE in digital pdf copy by the authors, at this link.

This book is written in both Lao and English, contains 142 species along with references to 260 closely related species and includes 330 color photos.  For the complete list of contents, please see below.

List of contents:

Introduction - ບົດນຳ...10
Macro-fungi: classification and morphology - ເຊື້ອຣາຂະໜາດໃຫຍ່: ການຈັດຈຳແນກ ແລະ ລັກສະນະກາຍຍະພາບ...11
Toxic fungi - mycetism - ເຫັດທີ່ສ້າງສານພິດ...12
Edible fungi - ເຫັດທີ່ກິນໄດ້...16
Jellies - ກຸ່ມ ເຫັດວຸ້ນ ຫຼື ເຫັດຫູໜູ...16
Gasteroid fungi - ເຫັດທີ່ສ້າງສະປໍພາຍໃນດອກ...24
Cantharelloid fungi - ກຸ່ມເຫັດຈວຍ ເຫັດລຳດັບ...28
Thelephoroid fungi - ເຫັດ ຫຼື ເຊື້ອຮາກຸ່ມ...36
Hedgehog fungi - ເຫັດເໝັ້ນ, ເຫັດໜາມ...40
Coral and club fungi - ເຫັດປະກາລັງ ຫຼື ເຫັດກະບອງ...43
Gilled fungi - white to cream spored - ຫັດທີ່ມີກີບ - ລາຍພິມສະປໍ ສີຂາວ ຫາສີຄີມ...50
Russula - brittlegills - ຊະນິດຂອງ ສະກຸນ Russula...52
Lactarius - milk caps - ຊະນິດຂອງ Lactarius ເຫັດມີນ້ຳຢາງ...68
Lactifluus - milk caps - ຊະນິດຂອງ Lactifluus ເຫັດມີນ້ຳຢາງ...70
Amanita species - ຊະນິດຂອງສະກຸນ Amanita...73
Lentinula, Lentinus s.l., Pleurotus, Tricholoma, etc. - ພວກເຫັດຂອນ ແລະ ອື່ນໆ...77
Gilled fungi - pink spored - ເຫັດທີ່ມີກີບ ທີ່ມີສະປໍສີບົວ...92
Termitomyces - termite mushrooms and Volvariella species - ເຫັດປວກ ແລະ ອື່ນໆ...93
Gilled fungi - brown to black spored - ຫັດທີ່ມີກີບ ຊະນິດທີ່ມີສະປໍສີນ້ຳຕານຫາສີດຳ...100
Boletes - ຈຳພວກເຫັດເຜິ້ງ...103
Bracket fungi/polypores - ເຫັດທີ່ເປັນວົງ/ເຫັດຮັງເຜິ້ງ...117
Potentially edible fungi - ເຫັດທີ່ຄວາມສາມາດກິນໄດ...121
Gilled fungi - white to cream spored - ຫັດທີ່ມີກີບ - ລາຍພິມສະປໍ ສີຂາວ ຫາສີຄີມ...121
Russula - brittlegills - ຊະນິດຂອງ ສະກຸນ Russula...121
Lactifluus - milk caps - ຊະນິດຂອງ Lactifluus ເຫັດມີນ້ຳຢາງ...123
Amanita species - ຊະນິດຂອງສະກຸນ Amanita...126
Gilled fungi - brown to black spored - ຫັດທີ່ມີກີບ ຊະນິດທີ່ມີສະປໍສີນ້ຳຕານຫາສີດຳ...129
Boletes - ຈຳພວກເຫັດເຜິ້ງ...130
Poisonous fungi - ເຫັດພິດ...139
Gilled fungi - white to cream spored - ຫັດທີ່ມີກີບ - ລາຍພິມສະປໍ ສີຂາວ ຫາສີຄີມ...140
Amanita species - ຊະນິດຂອງສະກຸນ Amanita...140
Leucocoprinus species - ພວກເຫັດຄ້ອນກອງນ້ອຍ...150
Gilled fungi - olive-brown spored - ຫັດທີ່ມີກີບ - ລາຍພິມສະປໍໍ ສີນ້ຳຕານຂຽວ...152
Gilled fungi - olive-green spored - ຫັດທີ່ມີກີບ - ລາຍພິມສະປໍສີຂຽວໝົ່ນໍໍ...153
Boletes - ຈຳພວກເຫັດເຜິ້ງ...154
Cantharelloid fungi - ກຸ່ມເຫັດຈວຍ ເຫັດລຳດັບ...158
Gasteroid fungi - ເຫັດທີ່ສ້າງສະປໍພາຍໃນດອກ...159
Potentially poisonous fungi - ເຫັດອາດຈະມີພິດ...160
Gilled fungi - white spored - ຫັດທີ່ມີກີບ - ລາຍພິມສະປໍ ສີຂາວ...160
Gilled fungi - brown to black spored - ຫັດທີ່ມີກີບ ຊະນິດທີ່ມີສະປໍສີນ້ຳຕານຫາສີດຳ...168
Boletes - ຈຳພວກເຫັດເຜິ້ງ...170
Medicinal fungi - ເຫັດທີ່ເປັນຢາ...172
Bracket fungi/polypores - ເຫັດທີ່ເປັນວົງ/ເຫັດຮັງເຜິ້ງ...173
Cyphelloid fungi - ພວກເຫັດທີ່ດອກມີຮູບຮ່າງຄືຈານ ຫຼື ຖ້ວຍ...176
Cup fungi - ພວກເຫັດທີ່ດອກມີຮູບຮ່າງຄືຄ້ອນ ຫຼື ຈອກ...177
Fungi used for decoration - ເຫັດທີ່ໃຊ້ເປັນເຄື່ອງປະດັບ...178
Bracket fungi/polypores - ເຫັດທີ່ເປັນວົງ/ເຫັດຮັງເຜິ້ງ...178
References and other relevant literature...180

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