September 12, 2020

Look up...way up

Patusai in Vientiane - ceiling artwork
Artwork at the ceiling of Patusai.

One of Laos' national landmarks is this Arc de Triomphe styled edifice in Vientiane called Patusai.  The exterior of it will grab your attention as you pass by it.  And as its situated in the center of a large rounding boulevard in downtown Vientiane, there's no way you could miss it.  However, the creative artistic details are not just for the exterior.  

If you do stop to visit it, remember to look up - way up to the ceiling.  You'll find these beautiful painted reliefs depicting a variety of deities and creatures from Buddhist mythology.

It's only with a high quality zoom camera that we can appreciate more fully the craftsmanship of the artists who worked on this.

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