January 12, 2024

Very useful Lao/English Buddhist book

Title: Short Dictionary of Religious and Buddhist Terms Lao-English  / ວັດຈະນານຸກົມນ້ອຍ ຄວາມເຊື່ອ ແລະ ພູດທະສາສນາ ລາວ-ອງກິດ
By:  Patrice Ludwig / ເພັດ ລາດວິກ
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Book cover - Short Dictionary of Religious and Buddhist Terms Lao-English  / ວັດຈະນານຸກົມນ້ອຍ ຄວາມເຊື່ອ ແລະ ພູດທະສາສນາ ລາວ-ອງກິດ


We can't say enough about the wonderful work that Patrice Ludwig has done with this publication.  What he's done here is to help English and Lao language speakers to be able to express some of the religious and Buddhist terms that we hear but don't always how to translate them.

Yes, this book is from 2004-2005 but it's proving to be timeless.  The author completed this book while being a novice at That Luang Neua Temple in Vientiane.  With the support of the Buddhist monks both high level masters and other novices, as well as, financial funding from the University of Cambridge and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Another positive note is that the author made this to be freely distributed (although I had bought this at a book store in Vientiane - it wasn't free for me! :).  Interested readers will likely discover that any print copies are difficult to find.  However, in the digital age of the internet the PDF file version is available at the link below.

Here's the table of contents in both Lao and English to give you a taste of what it covers in its modest 87 pages.  Click images to magnify.

Table of contents in LaoTable of contents in Lao

Table of contents in EnglishTable of contents in English

Download, learn and enjoy!

Link:  ResearchGate.net 

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