March 01, 2024

The coffee chain taking over Laos

By:, March 1, 2024

If you've visited Laos before you've probably seen and likely visited this store before.

Cafe Amazon Laos - concept store - interior

It's Café Amazon.  Where does it come from?  And no, it has no relation to America's online retail giant that has the same name.


This coffee drink franchise chain is actually owned by PTT, one of Thailand's gas and oil conglomerates.  In Laos, the locations were initially attached mostly to PTT gas stations.  But there are also many standalone locations as well.  The franchise is heavily represented in Lao major cities.

In Thailand there are over 3000 franchise locations.  The cafes second largest market is Laos with under 100 locations.  Its first franchise in Laos opened in 2012.  There are several other countries where it also has stores but to a much lesser extent.

Popularity and Growth

Lao people have enjoyed coffee for decades now.  However, the growth of the chain in Laos came at a very opportune time.  Specifically, when the middle class was growing and it became a hip place amongst the younger crowd to grab a coffee or tea drink and sit with your friends.  Often times, many of its locations had air conditioned seating and free wifi.  Its large push into the Lao market also gave it brand recognition, especially in Vientiane where you could find cafes throughout  the city. 

New Concept Store

The cafe has become very well-known and beloved in Laos.  So much so that the parent company chose Laos to open its first new flagship concept store outside of Thailand on December 15, 2023.  It's located in Chanthabuly, Vientiane located near the Lao Circus.

Its large curvaceous open concept design with industrial elements mixed with beautiful greenery and plants that have been nestled in and around the store.  As the flagship store in Laos, it's also the largest in terms of area compared to other locations.  Outside, there's a pond, a garden, and outdoor seating.

Feedback from locals who visit this new location, say it's very spacious, modern and luxurious - words that aren't normally associated with a cafe.  

Have a look at the pictures, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Cafe Amazon Laos - concept store - exterior

Cafe Amazon Laos - concept store - interior

Cafe Amazon Laos - concept store - interior

Cafe Amazon Laos - concept store - interior


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