April 25, 2013

4th International Conference on Lao Studies Just Wrapped Up

The conference just recently wrapped up last week on April 19-21 2013 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.  It continues to grow and improve with each conference.  This year saw dozens of speakers, panel participants, and presenters all ranging in variety of issues from environmental, cultural, political, developmental to health, history, literature and handicrafts (among many other topics).  Further, there were also films screened, cultural performances and lots of delicious Lao food.

Congrats to the Center for Lao Studies as well as to the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (which was also where the conference was held) and to all those who helped to make it a success.  Many people and many donors involved and so much positive effort and support among the community, both local and academic.

We hope they decide to compile and publish all the papers into a book like they've done for previous conferences.  Hopefully they'll make it easy to order (ie. orderable online) because we would love to get our hands on it.

To learn more be sure to check out:
Center for Lao Studies - 4th International Conference on Lao Studes (ICLS)
Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS), University of Wisconsin-Madison

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