April 08, 2013

Inspiring Women Help Clear UXO in Laos

The Financial Times newspaper recently published a report on the growing number of Lao women working as UXO removal technicians, a task once dominated primarily by men.

Here's the video:

Their dedication and sense of community is impressive.  Indeed they do this work to help better their communities and the country as a whole and of course they are compensated monetarily for their time as well.  Some of them are amongst the poorest in Laos.  However this job does provide some of them a new revenue stream for their household and a sense of purpose.  Their status within the community has increased.  All the women certainly have their own reasons of becoming UXO technicians.  For example, one of the women profiled lost her husband who had died after a UXO exploded.

To read the full article, check out:  Financial Times
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