August 23, 2013

Vintage Lao Movie - Red Lotus (bua daeng)

Want to see one of the first movie films every made in Laos after the Lao People's Revolutionary Party took over?

Check out this old vintage movie called Red Lotus (bua daeng).  As expected there's a political slant in this old black and white movie, where it's essentially about woman who will only be able to love freely once her village is liberated by the the communists.  But it has more...

Video Part 1 shown above - Posted on Youtube by user PWSweetbanana

It also has within it a story of family, relationships and village life.  Also importantly, is that it gives us a glimpse into the early attempts at cinematic storytelling within Laos.  On a side note, checking these old films out allows us to see a bit of history such as the clothes that they wore, hear the way they spoke Lao and see the scenery and acting from that time period.  I just find that stuff fascinating!

Of course, on the other hand others might argue such films were merely propaganda.  Definitely watch for yourself and judge for yourself.

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