December 03, 2013

L'Etranger Books and Tea

In Luangprabang, one of the cutest and laid back places you can go for literature, food, and drinks is this place called L'Etranger Books and Tea on King Kitsarat road.

It's the perfect place to have a drink, lounge around, read a book and may be meet new people.  This place was on my to-do list when visiting Luangprabang.  As a fellow bookworm and tea lover, how could I not visit this place?

I biked over today as it was a gorgeous sunny day.  The shop's location is on the southeast side of Mount Phousi (pronounced pu see).

Found a couple of books I liked.  Tried unsuccessfully to negotiate the price down of the books.  But it didn't matter, I still bought them.

I was so glad to have checked it out.  The cashier was polite, the ambiance was nice, and it had an interesting selection of books.  And of course, the selection of things to drink and stuff to munch on made it even more inviting to sit, stay a bit and enjoy.  I was even enamored by the plants and trees out front.

As I sat there on my own reading my book and sipping tea, I kept thinking that if I ever owned a bookstore and tea shop I'd want it to be just like this.  Oh to dream...

I later found out that this business was LP's first retail bookstore and also one of the first foreign owned businesses in town.  On a side note, they also screen movies in the evening each day, up on the second floor.  I didn't get a chance to check that out but I heard nice comments about it from others.

As I ended my visit, I went down the steps and mounted my bike.  I stopped to take another moment to look back at the store front, almost as though I had to take a deep and long mental picture of it.  It sounds cheesy but it was one of those moments where you stop yourself to appreciate something just a bit longer.

If you're in Luangprabang, definitely visit this place.

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