December 08, 2013

Some General Prices

Just fyi for those who might be interested in some of the prices I'm encountering.

Pho soup 15,000kip, naem 15,000k, medium sized luggage 500,000kip, nice mid level hotel room $35/night, motorbike rental 70-80,000kip, drive from Wattay Airport to downtown Vientiane 40,000kip, vte hobomap 25,000kip, money exchange is slightly better priced than in LP, fried spring rolls 9,000kip, bbq corn 5,000kip...

By the way FYI, LP airport is serviced by expensive taxis and no tuk tuk for when you want to get out of the airport (ie. 100,000kip).  And 20,000kip to get into tourist sites were the standard.

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