February 28, 2014

Luangprabang Night Market - Art Finds!

Of course you can't go to LP without strolling through the evening or night market that opens up on the main street.  I couldn't resist what I was seeing so I bought a couple of paintings. Have a look.  Hope you like them as much as I do.

Paintings bought from Luangprabang Evening/Night MarketPaintings bought from Luangprabang Evening/Night Market

The first photo (on the left) was painted by a young local Luangprabang guy.  Such incredible talent for someone who is only in his early 20s, if I'm not mistaken, and unfortunately I cannot recall his name.  The painting I bought from him is his interpretation of a stylized Buddha hand and palm with lotus blossoms.  I love the tones and textures.

The second photo (on the right) is stencil painted Buddha seated on a lotus in gold paint along with pasa tum written in the background. Unfortunately, I don't know much regarding its provenance or who painted it but it caught my eye nonetheless.

P.S.  Luckily these fit in my luggage and weren't damaged during transport.


  1. I like that top Buddha hand painting, too! Do you have any other info that would help me track down this artist [location, signature on painting, etc.]? Thank you!

    1. Regarding the stylized hand, there's no signature on the painting and it's difficult to precisely describe the location of his shop stall in the evening market however it is along Sisavangvong road. Note that sometimes he'll have a female relative do the selling for him so he's not there every evening.

      I have great hope that you'll be able to find this when you go to LP. The Evening Market is easy to navigate and there were only a handful of vendors selling painted artwork.

      Regarding the Buddha print, I saw at least 2 vendors selling these types of paintings while in LP and then when I visited Vientiane I saw similar ones so it should be easy to find. While in LP, the older gentleman I bought them from had his pop-up shop stall that evening on Kitsalat road. It was nearby and south of where Kitsalat and Sisavavong intersect at the traffic roundabout.

      Feel free to bring a copy of these images from our website to bring with you to remind you of what to look for. Hopefully this helps!