August 19, 2014

Bienvenue à Festival Lao 2014

The Lao community in Quebec spearheaded by Lao Buddhist temple, Wat Thepbandol, organize one of Canada's largest Lao festivals.  One that brings people from not only Quebec but from other parts of Canada and even visitors from America.  This year it was held in July in Sainte-Julienne, Quebec, about an hour north of Montreal.  Here are a couple of videos from LaoTVCanada covering the event.  C'est une bonne fête!

Tons of visitors, lots of vendors selling merchandise, food stalls, live performances, dancing, and sports activities. 

Sidenote:  The province of Quebec has some of the oldest and largest Lao communities in Canada.  Many of the earliest Lao immigrants to Canada were also french speaking and were often aided by the church in their sponsorship to Canada.

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