August 21, 2014

Mekong: The River of Nine Dragons

Wonderful documentary on not just the Mekong River but really a profile on the countries that the river flows through.

The first 16 minutes of the documentary are on Laos.  It begins in northern Laos near the border with China with a look at the ethnic minority group called the Ekor.  It's a fascinating look into their lives and customs. 

For example, they take only the wood they need from the forest, nothing more and nothing that would be used to sell off in a market.  Moreover, there's a scene where in thanks to the forest, the women place a leaf in between their lips and whistle a song to the forest.  The women are incredibly hardworking in the villages.

The documentary then goes on to Luangprabang discussing architecture, temples and monks.  Full video shown above with lots more than what I just described. 

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