March 23, 2015

Lanexang Lager Beer - Try It Yet?

Lanexang Lager Beer, a not so new Lao beer introduced by the same company that makes BeerLao.  Although it was introduced in 2008, it's still not as popular as BeerLao and I didn't see any of it the last time I visited Laos.  Though it would have been nice to try something different.

Lanexang Lager Beer print ad

Official description from Carlsberg Group website:

LaneXang is a premium beer that deserves a special occasion. It's made by the best brewers in Laos using a extra special ingredients, including Khao Kai Noy rice from Laos. This provides a unique aroma that can only be experienced from LaneXang. With the full-bodied, yet smooth taste, LaneXang goes perfectly well with all the authentic Lao cuisine - especially with the strong flavored dishes.

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