March 09, 2015

Luangprabang Map - Items of Interest

People have been asking about clarification of locations of certain things in Luangprabang.  Since it's a lot easier just to show it, here's a little map with explanations.  Hope it helps!

Luangprabang Map - Items of Interest

  • Green line - The Morning Food Market - If you're an early riser, consider checking out this one.  It's an interesting mix of food and knick knacks but mostly food and groceries.  You can also stop at a noodle vendor for some morning soup and pick up some fresh fruit.
  • Purple line - The Evening Food Market - This small alley way is the primary area of the well known Evening Food Market.  However at random points of the red line as well there are food vendors.  When going through the alley way (purple line) be prepared to bump shoulders and make way for each other at times.  It has a frenetic energy about it and it starts around 5pm-ish.  Great place for cheap, delicious food.
  • Red lines - Evening Handicraft Market - This famed market pops up around 5pm-ish as well. The vendors go and set up and essentially close down the street to traffic.  Lots of handicrafts, artwork, a few book vendors, snacks and drink vendors.
  • Yellow line - This is an open area.  It usually has food and shop vendors but during the Luangprabang Film Festival, this is where chairs are placed and movies are screened.

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