June 30, 2015

British Volunteer, David Murray, Dies in Laos After Contracting Dengue and Typhus

Reported By: Emma Glanfield, Daily MailOnline (UK), June 15 2015

Photo Credit:  Daily MailOnline and Cascade News.

A lorry driver who quit his job to go and work as a volunteer with orphans in south-east Asia has died after being bitten by mosquitos.

David Murray, 39, left his job as an HGV driver in Hyndburn, Lancashire, to teach English in Laos.

However, he died earlier this month after mosquito bites on his legs became infected and he developed typhus - a diseased caused by Rickettsia bacteria - and dengue fever.

Mr Murray, also known as 'Muzz' to his friends, was three months into a year-long stay when he was taken to hospital by volunteers at the Sae Lao Project, in the village of Nathong, Laos - a country bordering Thailand.

He had flown out to Laos on March 5 after giving up his flat in Lancashire for a year and putting his BMW up for sale.

With his bags full of clothes and gifts donated for youngsters cared for by the project, Mr Murray boarded his plane with plans to spend a year abroad after two successful visits in recent years.

However, just a couple of months into his trip, Mr Murray was taken to hospital after he started losing weight and feeling weak and tired, even falling sleep during the day while working.

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