July 28, 2015

Learning About the Past - Lao Refugees

Found some very old television documentary profiles and news clips on Youtube that profiled the Lao refugees who had fled to Thailand.  For those of us who are too young to remember such things, what we do remember are our parents sharing these harrowing stories about those times.  And for those old enough to remember such events, then the following videos are likely scenes you haven't seen in decades.  Very educational!

14 minute video profiling Lao refugees primarily those in Nongkhai, Thailand.
Source and date, unknown.

13 minute news video profiling Lao and Vietnamese refugees in Thailand.
Associated Press, date unknown.

 13 minute news video profiling the return of Lao refugees back to Laos after the end of the civil war after 1975.  This was when refugees were given the choice to return or move onwards to another country.
Associated Press, January post-1975.

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