July 10, 2015

Old Photo: The Tat Luang in 1889

Old Photo: The Tat Luang in 1889
ສັາງຂຶ້ໃນ1566ຖືກທຳລາຍປຸ້ນສະດົມຈາກກອງທັບພະມ້າແລະພວກສະຫຽາມ ເມື່ອທາ່ນປາວີມາພົບເຫັນອົງພະທາດຍັງເຫຼືອແຕ່ຊາກ ໃນ1896ຖືກຟ້າຜ່າເຮັດໃຫ້ທາດຫຼວງຂຸດໂຊມລົງອີກ

Tat Luang, Vientiane, 1889
Built in 1566, Tat Luang has been plundered and sacked on many occassions by both Burmese and Siamese troops. When Auguste Pavie arrived in the area, he found only ruins. In 1896, lightning completed the destruction.

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