October 12, 2015

All Print Articles on Laos From National Geographic Magazine

National Geographic is one of my favourite magazines.  I've tracked every print article they've ever done specifically on Laos in their main magazine.  Unfortunately, there hasn't been many. 

Photo Credit:  The Royal procession, pyre, and urn in Luangprabang, Laos.
National Geographic, 1961 August issue.

Here's the list.  If I've missed any, do let me know in the comments.  Keep in mind this doesn't include articles where Laos may have been a part of but not exclusively covered in a particular article.  It also doesn't include online coverage by National Geographic on Laos.

1954 May  - Article title:  War and Quiet on the Laos Frontier

1961 August - Article title:  Report on Laos

1974 January - Article title:  No Place to Run: The Hmong of Laos

1987 June - Article Title:  Laos Today

2015 August - Article title:  Laos Life After the Bombs

I have to admit, it has always been one of my wishes to have them do a complete issue featuring Laos, covering its culture and environment, the plants and animal discoveries, and so much more, as I've seen them do focused issues on other countries or topics.

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  1. Do you have a copy of the 1954 May - Article title: War and Quiet on the Laos Frontier? I would like to use it for a class I teach, and I have lost my original copy