October 13, 2015

Faculty of Sciences ສາລະຄະດີ ຄວທ ຄະນະວິທະຍາສາດ - ມະຫາວິທະຍາໄລແຫ່ງຊາດ

Video clips featuring the Faculty of Sciences at the National University of Laos.  Very interesting to see the inner workings.  And for anyone else interest in studying there, it's a good introduction.

All video and film credits:  SPV Media and The National University of Laos.

ສາລະຄະດີ ຄວທ ຄະນະວິທະຍາສາດ (Faculty of Science)

ຕອນ ພາກວິຊາວິທະຍາສາດຄອມພິວ (Computer Science)

ຕອນ ພາກວິຊາເຄມິສາດ (Chemistry)

ຕອນ ພາກວິຊາຟິຊິກສາດ (Physics)

ຕອນ ພາກວິຊາຄະນິດສາດ (Math)

ຕອນ ພາກວິຊາຊີວະວິທະຍາ (Biology)

ຕອນ ຈົບ (Ending)

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