February 05, 2016

DFDL's Legal, Tax and Investing Info for Laos 2014, 2015

Legal, Tax and Investment Guide - Lao PDR, 2014
The Tax Pocket Guide to Investing in the Lao PDR, 2015 

The law firm DFDL produces some interesting documents for those looking to do business in Asia.  In these 2 documents, they have focused on Laos.

Taken from the documents, here are some tidbits:
  • Embassies and international organizations can lease land or receive land concessions up to 99 years.
  • Foreigners entering to work in Laos require a labor visa, work permit, and a stay permit.
  • Individuals do not file income taxes.  Rather the employer withholds a certain percentage from the employee's paycheque to be paid to the government for income taxes.
  • In addition to income taxes, there is also social security that is paid by both the employer and employee, 6% and 5.5% respectively.

Download link:

Note:  DFDL will ask for your contact info before revealing the download link.  It's up to you if you choose to give that info.

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