May 03, 2016

Introduction to Lao Land Issues

Title:  ຄໍາແນະນໍາກ່ຽວກັບປະເດັນທີ່ດິນຢູ່ໃນລາວ - ການຄຸ້ມຄອງ ທີ່ດິນ, ປ່າໄມ້ ແລະ ຊັບພະຍາກອນທໍາມະຊາດ /  Introduction to Lao Land Issues - Managing Land, Forest and Natural Resources
By:  Land Issues Working Group (LIWG), 2012
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LIWG, a working group made up of dozens of international non-government organizations operating in Laos, commissioned this fascinating report back in 2012.  Lao land issues is a hot button issue in recent years with the country trying to monetize its land and large foreign agri-businesses buying or leasing huge swaths of land, as well as, the many private land or farming agreements done outside of the government's purview.

Download link:  In Lao and English.

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