May 26, 2016

Pepsi Singing Contest: Winner Proud of the Title

By Visith Teppalath, Vientiane Times, April 30 2016

Kiengkai Bandasack Pepsi Singer Winner 2016
Photo Credit:  Vientiane Times
Mr Kiengkai Bandasack is the winner of the Pepsi Singing Contest 2016; he is very happy to be the winner and proud of the title because it is not easy to win such prizes.

This is his second time to compete on this stage and trying his very best caused him to emerge as the overall winner this year.

Mr Kiengkai's first time was in 2013 but he could not pass the audition round. However, he did not stop and tried again this year, practicing hard in all steps and finally becoming the winner.

But it was not easy to win because he had to compete with 496 candidates in the audition round, with 33 contestants in the semi-final round, and with 11 contestants in the final round.

Mr Kiengkai is a 19 year old student in Grade 7 at Piavat Secondary School, Sisattanak district.

He was born on August 19, 1996, in Somsavanneua village Sisattanak district, where he lives with his family.

He is a student who has talent in singing, and loves both singing and dance. Mr Kiengkai started practicing singing and dancing when he was in primary school.

He was also the winner of the secondary school singing test held on March 20, organised by the Vientiane Education and Sports Department.

He is a hard working and diligent student, and actively participates in all school activities. He also represented the school to attend performance ar t and schooling arts activities in Vientiane.

Being the winner, Mr Kiengkai no w has the right to work with an entertainment company and he recently signed a contract to work with KPY Entertainment Company, and is now waiting to start work. So besides studying in his classes, he is also working on his singing at the same time.

Mr Kiengkai is currently studying in the last year of secondary school and after graduation he plans to go on the next level to study business at university but he also wants to work in entertainment.

The Pepsi Singing Contest is held yearly. It is a project held primarily to help promote art and culture preservation as well as improving the singing skills of school children , and also encouraging more young people to express their special talents through singing and dancing as well as participating in extracurricular activities.

It is also an activity for giving the chance for students all over the country to compete for winning the chalice of Minister of Educations and Sports. It is he ld yearly and this is the fifth year it has been held.

This year, the contest was organised into three rounds such as the audition, semi-final, and final; contestants must show their talent and skill singing both Lao and international songs.

This year was more special than previous times because this year was more challenging for constants as they had to sing both Lao and international songs during the contest, together with m ixed drama performances.

The final round was held at the National Culture Hall featuring 12 winning contestants from the semi-final round.

The winner was awarded with the chalice of the Minister of Education and Sports while some money and prizes were presented to all titles respectively.

Mr Kiengkai said that he was very happy and proud with the title and it was kind of surprised when he was announced as the winner because he had not expected much about the title but he tried his best.

“It is not easy to be the winner because there were many contestants, and they were judged on three best aspects such as singing, performance, and voice. I was nervous about it, but finally, I was announced as the winner, so it means that I have made the best effort.”

“I would like to thank the organisers for organising the contest and giving the chance to all contestants to show their talent; the tutors for training us in all the singing and dancing skills and lessons on performances; my school and family for supporting and cheering me up,” he added.

Mr Kiengkai's older sister, Ms Montha Bandasack said that she was very proud of him because he worked hard practicing; and she and all her family members were surprised when the winner was announced and they all were very happy.

A teacher responsible for sports and arts activities at Piavat Secondary School, Ms Souphaphone Boutavong said that Mr Kiengkai is a good student who actively works for the school and he has talent in the arts, especially singing.

“During the contest, each round I encouraged all students to cheer him on. I also called to encourage him in the final round, and as expected he did well and won the title. I have to congratulate him on his success and bless him to get more success after graduating from this school. Being a good student and with his talent he will go far in his further studies and his singing,” she added.

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