September 01, 2016

South East Asia - Floods in Vietnam and Laos Leave at Least 6 Dead

By:  Richard Davies, FloodList, Updated August 22, 2016

AHA Centre report that heavy rains from 11 to 12 August in Laos caused floods affecting 4,977 people in 22 villages in Xayabuly (Sainyabuli) and Louangphabang. Flooding was also reported in Oudomxay, where AHA say that assessments are ongoing.

The government has mobilized resources and personnel to assist the affected population, according to AHA. Military and police rescue efforts are ongoing with priority given to evacuating people to the safer areas.

Medical teams have been mobilized to provide medical services for the communities. Relief items have been deployed to the flood affected population.

The AHA Centre is the ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on disaster management.

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