February 05, 2017

From Honeybees to Pepperwood

Title:  From Honeybees to Pepperwood - Creative Lao Cooking with Friends
By:  Gustav Auer
Publisher, Year:  Friends International, 2011
ISBN:  097636073X
Cost:  USD$40

From Honeybees to Pepperwood cover photo

This is such a wonderful and beautiful Lao cookbook.  Its eye-catching, colourful paintings and photographs help to make this book stand out. 

Of course the focus of the book though are the recipes and in that regard it doesn't disappoint either.

From Honeybees to Pepperwood sample pages

It includes an array of recipes from regional specialties to ethnic variations.  You'll also find famous Lao recipes with some creative twists.

The makers of this book are a charitable NGO called Friends International.  They created the book as a companion to the (now closed) Makpet Restaurant in Vientiane.  The restaurant is owned and managed by the NGO as a place to teach young people cooking skills.  The proceeds of the books go towards funding their programs as well. 

From Honeybees to Pepperwood sample pages

It's a large format, hard cover book at 10.5" x 10.5" and 187 pages in total.  Thankfully it's written bilingually in English and Lao.

From Honeybees to Pepperwood sample pages

It's a fun and creative book that'll surely encourage readers to want to dive in and try making these recipes at home.  Definitely pick up a copy if you have a chance.  Or visit the restaurant in Vientiane for a real life taste of these fabulous recipes.

Here's the full table of contents.

Forward  10
Introduction  14
Our Guide to Lao Herbs and Spices  20
Dips  27
Salads and Lapp  47
Soups and Curries  75
Grill, Steam, Fry  109
Sweets  151
Chilled Temptations  169
Afterword  180
Index of Ingredients  184

From Honeybees to Pepperwood sample pages

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