February 13, 2017

Outer Space and the Universe Explained in Lao

Title:  What's in the Sky?  ມີຍັງຢູ່ເທິງທ້ອງຟ້າ
By:  Sasha Alyson
Publisher, Year:  Big Brother Mouse, 2010

Lao book - What's in the Sky? cover

Have an interest in space?  Or perhaps you need some help explaining outer space, the solar system and the universe in Lao language?  Found a wonderfully useful book for that.  Although it's aimed at young readers, it definitely proves useful for all ages.

Lao book - What's in the Sky? sample page

It's written bilingually in both Lao and English.  What's more, is that it's chalk full of beautiful photos from NASA.  In total it has 56 colourful pages and dimensions of 21cm x 30cm.

Lao book - What's in the Sky? sample page

It should be noted that the book wonderfully peppers in additional snippets of information not specifically outlined in the table of contents.  Examples of this include an explanation on lights years and also a brief section on the German astronomer Johannes Kepler.

Lao book - What's in the Sky? sample page

Definitely recommend picking up a copy if you're interested in this topic or if you're a school teacher teaching Lao kids.

ສາລະບານ Table of Contents
  • ຄໍານໍາ  Preface
  • ຕົວເລກຫຼາຍ  Big Numbers
  • ດວງຕາເວັນ  The Sun
  • ສຸລິຍະຄາດ  Solar Eclipse
  • ດວງຈັນ  The Moon
  • ດາວພຸດ  Mercury
  • ດາວສຸກ  Venus
  • ໜວ່ຍໂລກ / ດາວພິພົບ  Earth
  • ດາວອັງຄານ  Mars
  • ດາວພະຫັດ  Jupiter
  • ດາວເສົາ  Saturn
  • ດາວມະລຶດຕະຍູ  Uranus
  • ດາວເກດ  Neptune
  • ດາວພະຍົມ  Pluto
  • ດາວນົບພະເຄາະ  Asteroids
  • ດາວຫາງ  Comets
  • ດາວຕົກ  Meteors
  • ດາວທຽມ  Artificial Satellites
  • ດວງດາວ  Stars
  • ກຸ່ມດາວ  Constellations
  • ເນບິວລາ  Nebulas
  • ໂນວາ  Novas
  • ສຸເປີໂນວາ  Supernovas
  • ໝູ່ດວງກາວ  Galaxies

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