April 09, 2017

Laos speeds up railway construction machinery import from China

By:  Xinhua News, April 5, 2017

Full steam ahead for the China-Laos railway construction, Laos has sped up machinery import from China, local daily Vientiane Times reported Monday.

Hundreds of trucks carrying machinery and equipment for construction of the China-Laos railway have entered Laos after being delayed at the border. A special lane has now been allocated at the Mohan-Boten border crossing point to facilitate the passage of the trucks, project coordinator in northern Lao province Luang Namtha, Chanthachone Keolakhone told Vientiane Times on Friday.

A taskforce team was set up last week to man the special truck lane. It will inspect and approve the imported items, which are exempt from tariff payments in Laos.

Authorities in charge met last Tuesday and Wednesday in Oudomxay and Luang Namtha provinces of northern Laos to discuss ways to accelerate the railway construction. They planned to speed up the import of machinery and equipment and arrange for compensation and resettlement for people who will have to relocate to make way for the railway.

Preparations are now underway to start the boring of tunnels, and work is expected to begin before the upcoming rainy season, Deputy Minister of Public Works and Transport Lattanamany Khounnivong said on Friday.

"Tunnel entrances are being prepared for boring. We expect to begin boring before the rainy season and once the rain comes we can work inside the tunnels," said Lattanamany.

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