July 20, 2017

“Naree” Most Popular Handbag Brand at the Moment

By:  Phetsamone Phommuny, KPL News, June 2, 2017

Naree Handbags
Photo Credit:  Naree Handbags and KPL

Naree Handbags, made in Laos, are deemed to be the most popular brand for Lao women, Ms Manothip Siripaphanh said.

The customised Naree Handbags are made of Lao silk and leather, with Lao silk handbags for parties and social events, and leather handbags for daily use.

Naree handbag prices begin at 70,000 kip, Manothip Siripaphanh, the owner of Naree Handbags told the Lao News Agency on June 2.

Ms Manothip said that 90 percent of her regular customers are Lao people. Naree also makes customised handbags in response to customer orders and now hold auctions to promote its handbags.

“I first had the idea to make handbags because I was looking for handbags to wear to parties but could not find any that I found interesting, so I decided to design and used them myself. When my friends saw my handbags, they were interested, and that inspired me to become more serious about designing and making them. I now live to design handbags,” Ms Manothip said.

“In 2012, the World Bank to Laos organised the STEPS Young Entrepreneur Marketplace Competitions so I submitted my creation to the contest,” she said.

In 2013, Naree Handbags won the World Bank’s STEPS Young Entrepreneur Marketplace Competition.

Naree Handbags is the first Lao handbag brand and opened its first store in the beginning of 2015 under the name “Naree Laos Brand”, she said.

 “I am happy with customers as there are many choices and it is also good for Lao businesses, as it encourages business skill development, especially for Lao handbags,” Ms Manothip said. 

 “We pay attention to quality and branding because it is very important for customers who like handbags. In addition, our target is to promote Lao handbags internationally,” said Ms Manothip. 

“In the past, we sold via Facebook and Wechat. Currently, most customers are interested in customized Naree Handbags,” she said. “We have two branches, one in Nongbone Village, Xaysettha District, Vientiane Capital and the other atVientiane Centre.”

Ms Manothip expects to expand the brand to other provinces, especially Luang Prabang.

More information about Naree Handbags can be got via Tel: +85621 261613; email: naree.laos@gmail.com; Facebook: Naree handbags; or from the website, www.naree.la.

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