January 01, 2018

Anniversary Art Series Begins!

Artist Series:  MC/Animals of Laos
Artist Series:  MC/Animals of Laos

Happy New Year 2018 everyone!  In the first of a series of artwork for 2018 and to commemorate our 20th Anniversary, every month we'll be showcasing 4 Lao themed artwork from 3 different artists/graphic designers.

To start things off, we're reminding everyone to appreciate and protect animals and their natural environment.  So in our first image, it's all animals from Laos.  Can you name all the animals you see?

Lao forests and jungles are home to fascinating and unique fauna from the animal kingdom.  Sometimes you don't even need to go far to experience them.  In a suburb of Vientiane sitting under a lychee tree, I remember being visited by a wide variety butterflies in all manner of sizes and colours.  It felt as thought I was sitting in a fairy tale animal story book.

Artist Series:  MC/Animals of Laos
Primary Style:  Hand drawings
Elements:  Saola, snake, butterflies, Asian elephant, red panda, spider, gibbon

For 2018, Laoconnection.com celebrates its 20th anniversary.  To commemorate the occasion, 3 artists/graphic designers were tasked to provide 4 Lao themed images.  You'll see each artist's interpretation of the same theme.  Each month, we'll be showcasing a new image that they created.  We hope you enjoy them.  Let us know which ones are your favourites!

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