April 01, 2018

Anniversary Art Series - April 2018

Anniversary Art Series - Flowers of Laos
Artist Series:  DA/Flowers of Laos
This month with the changing of seasons both in Laos and around the world, we're featuring flowers found in Laos in this month's Anniversary Art Series image.

Laos' tropical weather, large amounts of sunlight, rainfall, heat, and humidity is conducive towards an environment in which many types of plants flourish.  In particular, you will find many varieties of flowers all over the country, including the 4 featured in this image.  Try naming them before reading further below.

Artist Series:  DA/Flowers of Laos
Primary Style:  Digital illustrations
Elements:  Euphorbia milii (crown of thorns plant), plumeria (frangipani), heliconia (lobster claw plant), nelumbo nucifera (lotus flower)

For 2018, Laoconnection.com celebrates its 20th anniversary.  To commemorate the occasion, 3 artists/graphic designers were tasked to provide 4 Lao themed images.  You'll see each artist's interpretation of the same theme.  Each month, we'll be showcasing a new image that they created.  We hope you enjoy them.  Let us know which ones are your favourites!

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