April 23, 2018

Southern Laos: Coffee and waterfalls

Southern Laos 1
During my visit to the southern parts of Laos, I flew from Vientiane to Pakse.  From Pakse, we drove to different waterfall sites passing through Paksong, Sekong, and  even as far south as Attapeu.

To some up my impressions of it:
  • The waterfall sites are all well out of Pakse.  And they're all spread out.  Be prepared to do some driving.  It's worth noting that the roads are good in the south.
  • In addition to the waterfalls, there are lots of coffee plantations everywhere in the south including people's private gardens and yards.
  • Also found a massive flower garden park that's open to the public (for a fee of course) called Montra.
  • A delightful little stop in Paksong where a restaurant had been set up along the road right in next to a massive coffee plantation.
  • Most memorable moment:  Zip lining over the twin waterfalls of Tad Fane at 300m elevation with a selfie stick, no less!
Southern Laos 2

[Updated:  May 19, 2018]

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