September 15, 2018

Anniversary Art Series - September 2018

Artist Series:  MC/Buddhhism in Laos
It's unusual that a communist country would have an unofficial religion.  In Laos, it's Buddhism.  And it permeates many facets of life.

Artist Series:  MC/Buddhhism in Laos
Primary Style:  Illustrations
Elements:  Monk sitting in meditation, naga/nak, seated Buddha statue, half human half animal creature, erawan

For 2018, celebrates its 20th anniversary.  To commemorate the occasion, 3 artists/graphic designers were tasked to provide 4 Lao themed images.  You'll see each artist's interpretation of the same theme.  Each month, we'll be showcasing a new image that they created.  We hope you enjoy them.  Let us know which ones are your favourites!

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