November 03, 2018

Made in Laos: Different Lao Wines and Liquor

Mak Mao Wine from Salavan province.
Also comes in a non-alcoholic version.

This year, I took the opportunity to explore the Lao Handicraft Festival in Vientiane to specifically look for Lao drinks, in particular wines and liquor.

They're quite delicious and a lot of them are often said to have health benefits.

Some stalls let people taste before buying - though not all stalls do that but it's worth it to ask.

November 4th happens to be the last day ມື້ສຸດທ້າຍ of this week long event at ITECC.  So go explore!

Plum wine from Houaphan province. 

A liquor made with deer antler from Vientiane city.

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