November 01, 2018

Made in Laos: Herbal Teas

Made in Laos: Herbal Teas

It's that time of the year when seasons and temperatures change.  And inevitably, people start catching colds and flu.

Sure enough, I was hit with a cold last week.  Normally I'm a green tea drinker.  However, when I'm sick I find that green tea makes my throat dry and therefore I end up coughing even more.

While being sick this time around, I switched to drinking to these Lao herbal teas (shown in the picture).

They include malacca, reishi mushroom, and ginger root tea.  All Lao made, healthy and delicious. 

Each of these teas are known for their medicinal properties.  On top of some cold medicine, I drank these teas.  They soothed and cleansed my throat without making me cough. 

I genuinely feel that drinking these tees helped me get over my cold a lot faster.  Definitely worth buying and drinking.

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