Monday, March 27, 2017

Temple's Entrance and Garden

Temple Entrance

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Friday, March 17, 2017

Phouvong Jewelry Calendar - March and April

ບະຕິທິນຮ້ານຄໍາພູວົງ 2017 ເດືອນມີນາ ແລະ ເດືອນເມສາ

Phouvong Jewelry Calendar - January and February

Phouvong Jewelry Calendar - January and February
ບະຕິທິນຮ້ານຄໍາພູວົງ 2017 ເດືອນມັງກອນ ແລະ ເດືອນກຸມພາ

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Russian Food Cart in Vientiane - Polmeni Anyone?

Video Credit:  Lena Aber via Youtube

Lao Government Auctions Luxury Cars in a Bid to Cut Costs, Reduce Corruption

By:  RFA News, March 13, 2017

Vehicles for auction
Luxury vehicles owned by the Lao government sit inside the National Convention Center in Vientiane where they will be auctioned to the public, Feb. 28, 2017.  Photo Credit: RFA.

The Lao government has auctioned 14 luxury cars previously used by the country’s leaders in its latest effort to cut costs and rein in corruption in the impoverished nation by getting rid of pricey autos that high-ranking officials had been using for free for official and personal business.

Lao authorities impound over 5,000 illegally imported vehicles

By:  Vientiane Times, January 26, 2017

The Customs Department under the Lao Ministry of Finance has reported that they impounded more than 5,000 illegally imported vehicles in the fiscal year of 2015-2016.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Beer Snacks ຂອງແກ້ມເບຍ

Lao Beer Snacks examples 1
(From left to right)  Lettuce, dipping sauce, chopped schallots, ginger, limes, lemon grass, peanuts, galanga.