February 20, 2013

LLR (book): Picture Dictionary - English-Lao

Title:  Picture Dictionary - English-Lao
By:  Siri Souvannasy
Publisher/Year: publisher unknown, 2002

LLR book review of - Picture Dictionary English-Lao by Siri Souvannasy

Nothing helps learning a language than a good picture dictionary (well ok having a real language teacher is probably even better! :).  However this one is especially helpful for younger readers and learners.  Incidentally, I've only been able to find a couple of Lao-English ones so far.  This is one of the more definitive ones as it covers a variety of topics ranging from plants, animals, occupations, the office, life events, vehicles, and so much more.  It really does cover quite a large amount of possible topics.

I can't say that I agree 100% with all the translations however for the great majority of vocabulary words covered in this book, it's quite good.  I've found it very useful to have.  Whether you're a Lao person learning English or vice versa, it makes a good language learning tool.  I do recommend it.


  1. I wish I could have a super bookstore in my city with all those books that were recommended here!!!!

    1. haha 55 :) I know how you feel! People often ask on here, where to buy them. To which I can only reply that I bought years ago in Laos and that there seems to be no known place outside of Laos to buy them.

      Good to hear from you.

  2. How can I buy this book?

    1. If you visit Laos, it may still be available at the bookstores in Vientiane (which is where we bought the book).